Case Studies

We leave our clients better for the experience no matter how bad the event™

  • fraud
  • extortion or blackmail
  • cyber attacks (espionage, ransom, fraud, extortion, blackmail, etc.)
  • dirty tricks or take downs by competitors or unknown actors
  • malicious litigation
  • threats to life
  • contamination or sabotage
  • shareholder dispute or power struggle within an ultra high worth or high worth family/family office
  • scandal involving key people
  • IP theft or corporate espionage
  • sexual harassment or workplace violence
  • reputation risk (self-inflicted activity, third party threat to reputation, concerns about a partner’s or director’s links to criminals or politically exposed persons, etc.)

CASE STUDIES - Fraud / Extortion/Threat to Life

Multinational multimillion pound African gold mining fraud investigation on behalf of publicly listed investor. Millions of pounds saved from pending losses. Specialized communication techniques were deployed to safeguard key persons from client, as the threat of physical retaliation by the criminals was deemed high.

CASE STUDIES - Cyber Attack / Extortion

Mitigated threats from a hacker/extortionist for a successful tech company (blockchain based business), frustrating the attackers ability to cash out the stolen tokens and cryptocurrency, negotiating with the hacker/ extortionist to build a workable profile of the individual & related gang and to stall for time as we executed a plan to neutralize any risk to company’s reputation from the event.

CASE STUDIES - High Stakes Negotiation

Conducted a series of complex, high stakes negotiations for a global, non-partisan NGO, addressing key issues affecting regional security. Working under extreme time pressure and extreme political pressure, we successfully navigated through individual and national interests to achieve consensus and unanimity in an otherwise conflicted political environment. This required diplomacy, sensitivity, discretion and leadership, underpinned by an understanding of politics and human behavior.

CASE STUDIES - Fraud / Investigation/Negotiation (ADR)

Embezzlement and fraud investigation followed by alternative dispute resolution (high stakes negotiations) in UK saved a privately held international building materials manufacturing conglomerate in Central Eastern Europe, valued at over 100 million euros.

CASE STUDIES - Threat to life

Responded to a threat to life situation for global energy company, ultimately restoring the ability for the executive team and staff to return to work following a shutdown of operations after a credible threat against several key managers was made by a disgruntled insider.

CASE STUDIES - Scandal/Reputation Risk/Anti-corruption

Corruption scandal escalated to an acute reputation risk for a major bank. A swift and thorough investigation led to the arrest of 1 key suspect, the termination of 1 director and the restructuring of one of the bank’s investment subsidiaries.


Fraud investigation (invoice and wire fraud) on behalf of an UHWI figure in the entertainment industry resulted in identifying a series of money mules, negligence on behalf of the third-party accounting firm, and identifying the nationality of the perpetrators. Cooperated with the FBI/ NYPD fraud task force.

CASE STUDIES - Corporate Espionage/Dirty Tricks Campaign/Hostile Take-over

Civil/Military Contractor founded & run by ex-military personnel became victims of fraud, extortion and suspected they were being spied on by a partner/competitor. We carried out an intelligence and counter-intelligence operation, including surveillance & counter-surveillance of key suspects, we obtained proof of corporate espionage, conspiracy to defraud and a plan by the partner/competitor for a hostile take-over of client’s company. Covert negotiations with key officials in the country stopped the opponent temporarily winning the contracts they were attempted to steal from the JV. We commenced psy-ops to confuse the opponents and to cause them to make critical mistakes. We advised the client on governance tactics to frustrate and weaken the partner/competitor’s grip on the board and executed further psy-ops and behavioural communication tactics to distract the opponents while the client regained control of their business, their reputation and their ability to operate effectively in-country.

CASE STUDIES - Conflict / Negotiation (ADR)

Negotiated an alternative dispute resolution between two leading insurance companies, removing several cases from the high courts (including supreme court) with permission of the judges while a nearly 12 month long effort to settle the multi million euro, multiyear disputes could be achieved. Not only did the parties end up agreeing to an amicable settlement but forged a lasting, mutually profitable partnership.

CASE STUDIES - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution between UK construction plc and a large building materials vendor resolved within 2 weeks in a dispute that had been in arbitration for nearly 2 years. What could have ended in claims large enough to force insolvency of both parties, resolved with no losses to either side and a renewed partnership agreement.

CASE STUDIES - Discreet Corporate Counter - Espionage

Discreet counter-espionage operation for a global financial institution. Identified the source and assisted in the discreet and effective removal of the individual from within the organization.